Auto "Middle truck" City garbage truck

  • Вік дитини:
  • Бренд:
    Tigres пластмасова іграшка
  • Артикул:
409 грн

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  • Безкоштовна доставка від 600,00 грн
  • Повернення та обмін протягом 14к. днів
  • Гарантія на товари

Auto "Middle truck" City garbage truck  - attractive, realistic and functional toy in a new design. This toy will give pleasure to the child and will help to kid’s development.

The garbage truck has a lot of moving elements, for example, a garbage container cleaning system, a lifting body, the lid opens in the side compartment of the body.

Auto "City Truck" garbage truck is made of lightweight, durable, weather-resistant plastics. Therefore, it is perfect for use both at home and outdoors.

Packaging – cardboard

Висота (м): 0.255
Довжина (м) : 0.43
Ширина (м): 0.2
Вага нетто (кг): 1.31
Об'єм на поличці: 0.02193

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