Auto "Middle truck" City concrete mixer

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  • Бренд:
    Tigres пластмасова іграшка
  • Артикул:
399 грн

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  • Повернення та обмін протягом 14к. днів
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Auto "Middle truck" City concrete mixer - bright, beautiful, interesting, high quality and safe for children toy. In a new design! It does not just entertain the child, but also develops kid’s imagination, intellect, coordination and motor skills, introduces how the real concrete mixer works. The mobility of the truck makes the game especially interesting.

The toy is suitable for playing both at home and outdoors. All elements are made of high-quality plastic, resistant to weather conditions, so the toy can be whole year in the backyard or on the balcony.

Серія: Middle Truck
Стать: Дівчинка, Хлопчик
Вік: 3+
Висота (м): 0.255
Довжина (м) : 0.43
Ширина (м): 0.2
Вага нетто (кг): 1.2
Об'єм на поличці: 0.02193

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